Acid Netralization system ... provisional usage.

John Shott shott at
Thu Jan 18 10:23:18 PST 2001

SNF lab members:

The acid/base neutralization system is not yet fully (and automatically)
operational ... but we are able to begin to dump acids PROVIDED the following
guidelines are used:

Prior to dumping any of the hot pots (or acids at WB general), contact one of
the maintenance staff members, Dick Crane, or me.  One of us will go down to
the acid neutralization system and monitor the pH in the tanks and make
adjustments accordingly.  It is essential that one of us be down there to
monitor the pH prior to any dumping activity!

We apologize for this inconvenience but feel that it is important that we do
what we can to get the lab operational once again.

Please adhere carefully to these guidelines ... even a brief excursion beyond
the legal pH limits will require us to shutdown completely until the
neutralization system is fully operational.

Thanks for your continued support,


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