Robin King king at
Thu Jan 18 13:13:40 PST 2001

The GaAs acid wetbench is shut down because someone left in an unsafe,
unacceptable condition:

1) The plastic side panels were removed.
2) There are BHF(?) crystals around the bench.
3) A small beaker and wafer holder was left with an unidentified
   liquid in it.
4) A quartz beaker was broken and left in the bottom of the sink
5) Other beakers were left on their sides in the bottom of the sink.
6) The hot plate was left on and unattended, a fire hazard.

It's unthinkable that anyone can be so careless The last person to sign up
for that bench was not the person who did this so someone is also
breaking the rules by not signing up.

If you contributed to this please come in and take care of it
immediately.  The entire bench needs to be cleaned up, rinsed and wiped
If you needed to use the wetbench please direct your frustration to those
responsible for the mess.  

Robin King

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