SSH access to/from snf and sunray ...

John Shott shott at
Tue Jan 23 10:04:29 PST 2001

SNF Lab Members:

To be more compatible with a broader range of ssh (secure shell) applications,
we have recently upgraded the ssh clients and servers on sunray and snf.  In
the process, I discovered that support for the older ssh1 protocol is rapidly
disappearing.  While we currently support both ssh1 and ssh2 protocols on our
machines (with a primary use of ssh2 that gracefully fails over to ssh1 when
required), it is apparent that future versions of ssh clients/servers are
increasingly likely to only support the newer ssh2 protocols.  As a result,
those of you who are using ssh to get into either snf or sunray or to get from
snf or sunray to other machines should check which version those other
machines are running ... and see if they can upgrade it they find that it is
the older ssh1 protocol.

If you are on a remote host, you should be able to check this by issuing the
command "ssh -V" which should give you the version of the ssh client on that
machine.  (Note: I can't guarantee that the "ssh -V" syntax returns the
version information for all ssh clients, but it should on most ...).

If you are using ssh from snf or sunray to get to another machine, you should
be able to tell if it is running a ssh1 server on that host ... if it does it
will say something like: "warning: executing /usr/local/bin/ssh.old for ssh1

Please check which version you are either using or connecting to and please
let me know if you find that you are either using a ssh1 client or connecting
to a machine that only supports ssh1 ... I'd like to get a sense of how may
folks are in that camp.

Thank you for your continued support,


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