Labmember Survey

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Jan 26 18:49:58 PST 2001


Survey results thus far are full of constructive criticisms, insight
and, shall we say, passion.  They will undoubtedly be of great interest
to our faculty advisory committee.  Please keep them coming.  Results
(including comments) of surveys collected by Monday, Feb. 5 will be
posted on the website.  Due to popular demand, there is an electronic,
Word compatible version on the web for those of you with a lot to say
(follow the links from the SNF home page -- sorry, it's a bit cludgey,
but I'm no programmer -- if you prefer to be emailed the Word file, send
me a note.)  And yes, if you would rather save a tree (and my fingers,
as I''ll be transcribing results), a floppy disk put in the collection
box would be fine.

Keep the surveys coming!


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