Technician Position Available - FINDER'S FEE

Dan Grupp grupp at
Mon Jan 29 19:55:49 PST 2001

TECHNICIAN - I am looking for a Technician to join our dynamic team at SNF
working on an advanced MOS device. We are a solidly funded startup, part
of Acorn Technologies, a rapidly growing technology incubator. We offer
full benefits, aggressively competitive salaries, pre-IPO stock options,
and a great work environment (great people, sushi on Mondays...).

FINDER'S FEE - 2% of new hire's first year salary (i.e., more than a
grand). Self-referral ok. 

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Daniel Grupp, Visiting Scholar
Acorn Technologies, Device Development Group
Center for Integrated Systems
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 724-6911
FAX:  723-4659

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