IR Source for Karl Suss

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jul 12 15:01:50 PDT 2001

Hi everyone --

I'm writing on behalf of Mahnaz, who is on vacation for the next couple
of days.  Upon request of a couple of labmembers, she is exploring the
possibility of getting an IR lamp source for backside illumination on
the Karl Suss machine.  This would enable users to do alignment on
IR-sensitive features that may be covered or otherwise not visible under
normal illumination.  The lamp source can be switched between IR and
normal illumination, so alignment precision would be unaffected in
normal use.  This should be a relatively straightforward modification.
If you are interested in this, would like to learn more about this, or
can offer compelling reasons why we should get this, please contact
Mahnaz (mahnaz at



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