liftoff of ZEP 520

Dan Grupp grupp at
Mon Jul 16 12:22:06 PDT 2001

> If anyone has done a liftoff of ZEP 520, I'd appreciate any pointers that he/she could give me about it.
> Thanks,
> Vinod.

Use bilayer (we have PMGI):

Spin PMGI (typical 3K Angstroms)
BAKE Hot Plate 200 C 120 s

Spin PMMA or ZEP (typical 1K Anstroms)
Bake Hot Plate 180 C 90 s

Expose & Develop as per usual for PMMA or ZEP

Dip in LDD26W (TMAH is the key factor, so other will work too) 30 s for
3000 A undercut. 


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