Reservations Policies

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Jul 30 19:41:58 PDT 2001

Greetings --

Just a couple of clarifications on equipment reservation policies (with
more to come...)

First:  Please do not ask SNF process staff to schedule equipment
reservations on any of the "busy" tools (we all know which ones they
are!) -- unless you are travelling to work here (ie, from out-of-state,
not from San Jose).  Some have discovered that SNF staff have certain
scheduling privileges -- and are putting staff on the spot by asking
them to exercise these privileges.  If you have extenuating
circumstances (other than scheduling for travel) that you feel warrant
special consideration, direct your request to John or me.

Second:  Just to reiterate standing policies -
1.  SNF staff does not uphold or guarantee equipment reservations after
15 minutes (however, please make a reasonable attempt to get in touch
with the reservation holder before taking his/her time slot.)
2.  If you decide not to use your reservation, you should cancel your
reservation and send an email to the equipment list.  This is
particularly important for the "busy" tools.
3.  If you finish early or plan on doing so, you should send email to
the equipment list (again, especially important for "busy" tools.)

We are seeing a bit of less-than-considerate behavior, where people are
doing their best to circumvent the letter, if not the intent, of these
policies.  Please understand that the aim of these policies is, as
fairly as possible, to allocate scarce resources (ie. equipment time),
not to annoy labmembers.  Please take a little extra time to be
considerate in your dealings with each other and with SNF staff, as a
little extra courtesy goes a long way.


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