polymide planarization

Vijit Sabnis vsabnis at snow.stanford.edu
Wed Jun 6 15:41:29 PDT 2001


I am wondering if anyone has experience using polymide
for planarization purposes.  My mesas are stripes (optical
waveguides) about 2-3 um wide with an etch depth of 2-5um.  
I am looking for a way to planarize my substrate using polymide 
so that I can later deposit metal on top of the polymide to
create bonds pads and electrically contact the top of my 

If anyone has any experience using polymide for this type
of application or a related application, I would really
appreciate any advice or suggestions you could give me.
I am currently considering using polymide products from
MicroChem (PMGI SF15), Dow (cyclotene BCB series 3000 or 4000),
or Vantico (Probimide series).  

Thanks for your help.

- Vijit Sabnis

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