Stockroom usage ...

John Shott shott at
Tue Jun 19 15:29:44 PDT 2001

SNF Labmembers:

This message is to clarify the use of materials taken from the SNF stockroom:
This stockroom and the materials in it are ONLY for use in the SNF!!!

We are not a "campus-wide stockroom" in the sense that Physics Stores, Biology
Stores, and Chemistry Stores are.  They charge you for everything ...

We only charge you for silicon wafers and the expensive tweezers.  We don't
actually recharge for any other supplies taken from that stockroom ...
ultimately all lab members pay for it out of their monthly usage fees.  That
system, however, only works to the degree that supplies taken from our
stockroom are used in our laboratory.

Even if you are a bona-fide member of SNF, you may NOT check out materials
such as gloves, KimWipes, etc. for use in your non-SNF laboratories.  Why?
That is effectively asking all the other members of SNF (and often their
federal research contracts ...) to subsidize your own private laboratory.

So ... the SNF stockroom should be used ONLY for supplies that will be used in
the SNF cleanroom.

Thank you for your cooperation,


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