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>Hi Partners,
>Thought you might be interested in this.  Thanks to Partner Tom 
>Goodrich for bringing it to my attention.
>From: TidBITS#583/11-Jun-01
>>  >>>**Handspring Offers $100 Rebate For Old PDAs** -- On 07-Jun-01,
>>>>>   Palm OS-compatible handheld vendor Handspring announced a trade-up
>>>>>   program that offers users a $100 rebate on the thin Visor Edge
>>>>>   handheld in exchange for nearly any old PDA, whether or not it
>>>>>   works. The company will send Visor Edge purchasers a $100 rebate
>>>>>   check upon receipt of the rebate form, original product code from
>>>>>   the Visor Edge's box, and a qualifying old handheld. Acceptable
>>>>>   trade-ins include Palm OS handhelds; Pocket PC and Windows CE
>>>>>   handhelds; Symbian, Casio, Psion, or Sharp handhelds, and even old
>>>>>   Apple Newtons, if you still have one of those around that you
>>>>>   don't use. (Current Handspring Visor owners can send in their
>>>>>   serial numbers to get a $100 discount on a Visor Edge and keep
>>>>>   their current Visor.) Handspring says it has made arrangements to
>>>>>   recycle the old devices. The offer is open only through 01-Jul-01
>>>>>   to residents of the U.S. and Canada, and all mail requesting the
>>>>>   rebate or packages containing the old handhelds must be postmarked
>>>  >  by 31-Jul-01. [MHA]
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