Posters for CIS Annual Meeting ...

John Shott shott at
Wed May 2 10:37:30 PDT 2001

SNF Lab Members:

Thanks to those of you who have gotten you summary foils to me ... I
appreciate your efforts.  (Those of you who haven't shouldn't be surpised if
you come in some day and can't log in to Coral ... while I'd rather not do
that becuase it probably makes more work for us, that is an option that we
have at our disposal).

Bob Dutton is looking for 3 students who might be willing to prepare (well,
actually, may already have prepared) poster material for the CIS Annual Review
on Wednesday, May 16.  From the foil submissions I have received, it is clear
that some of you have extracted your foils from larger presentations.  If you
already have a full poster or have a set foils for a talk that could easily be
turned into a poster, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

This is a chance for you to be a hero among your peers ... a successful set of
student posters will go a long way toward convincing the CIS Industrial
Sponsors that they should continue funding of the SNF seed grant program (from
which a number of you have benefitted ...).

Please contact me if you would like to volunteer ... and research into
non-traditional areas (relative to "garden variety" semiconductor and/or
microfabrication research) are a feature.  In other words, you MEMS,
integrated optics, biotechnology folks are especially encouraged to
participate in this event.



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