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---------- Technical Seminar ----------

May.17th (Thursday) 6:00-7:00PM
Place: CIS 101, Stanford University
Title: "A Wide Dynamic Range Switched-LNA in SiGe BiCMOS"
Speaker : Mr. Toshifumi Nakatani (Panasonic, Japan)

A wide dynamic range, high current efficient switched-LNA has been developed
by using SiGe BiCMOS Technology. The low loss RF MOSFET reduced silicon
substrate effect at high frequency is used as a bypass switch of LNA. The
800- 900MHz LNA is demonstrated in this work. In high gain /
low distortion mode for transmitting and receiving simultaneously,
the amplifier achieves 15.3dB gain, 1.4dB noise figure and +1.6dBm
IIP3 with 5.9mA DC current. In high gain / low current mode for receiving
 13.3dB gain, 1.6dB noise figure and -0.6dBm IIP3 is achieved with 3.0mA.
In low gain mode, 1.4dB insertion loss and +16.1dBm IIP3 with < 10uA is
realized by the bypass switch. The switched-LNA is housed in
a very small and low cost SON12 plastic package with the Down-Mixer.

If you're interested in the seminar, Please join it.

Shinichi Osako

Shinichi Osako
CIS-110, Stanford University,
Stanford, CA 94305, USA
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