Fire alarm, Wednesday night, 5/16

Dick Crane rcrane at
Wed May 16 23:43:23 PDT 2001

At approximately 9:15 PM, on Wednesday, May 16, 2001, the SNF fab, CIS
building and CISX building were evacuated due to a power supply fire in
the basement of CIS. The buildings reopened around 10:30 PM and normal
fab activities resumed by 10:45 PM. The fire was caused by a high
voltage resistor failure in the Innotec e-gun power supply. The open
resistor caused an arc which burnt nearby PVC insulated wiring within
the power supply enclosure. PVC insulation smokes heavily when burning.
All damage was confined to the Innotec HV power supply. The Innotec will
be down for 2-4 weeks for repairs.

Thanks to all who were here for an orderly evacuation.

Dick Crane

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