Fire alarms in CIS

Dick Crane rcrane at
Fri May 18 18:10:10 PDT 2001

I would like to clarify the fire alarm situation in CIS. The fire alarm
panel is in the process of being replaced. During the rewiring the
normal pull stations and smoke detectors are NOT operational. Should an
emergency occur requiring a fire department response, call 9-911 and
evacuate the building (if needed). 

Two temporary pull stations have been installed in the cleanroom near
the emergency, double door exits by the chem passthru and by the
non-metal wet bench. Temporary annunciators (light and sound) are
located in the hall outside the temporary pull stations, and in the fab.
The CISX fire protection system is operating normally.

The construction and replacement of the fire protection system should be
completed by late June.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Dick Crane

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