KOH and Gold Question

Mohammed H. Badi mbadi at relgyro.Stanford.EDU
Mon May 21 18:31:40 PDT 2001

Hi all,
   I'm doing an 80C KOH etch of silicon and have been having some trouble.  I
have chrome/gold (100A and 3000A respectively) pads on my wafer that are 90um
x 90 um that REFUSE to stick to the silicon underneath it.  The pads (and
thin gold lines) do, however, stick to silicon nitride on other parts of the
   My question for you: is there anything I can do to stop the gold pads from
floating off?  Maybe a different adhesion layer?  A different etch 
   These gold squares on silicon act as ground pads for my devices.
   Thank you.

Mohammed H. Badi		"That's just so typically me."

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