Stolen mask case

julie ngau jlngau at
Wed May 23 13:35:34 PDT 2001

Hello all,

I have just noticed that sometime in the past two weeks, the plastic
case holding and PROTECTING my mask was taken from my clear storage
container while the mask was left behind.

It is distressing that anyone using this lab can have so little regard for
someone else's personal property and his/her RESEARCH.  We must all store
our wafers, equipment, and works in progress in the cleanroom.  This lab
functions successfully in part because most users respect one another's
work and can trust that no one ever knowingly and willfully jeopardizes
their work.

I know that the majority of labmembers are considerate users of this
shared facility and it is unfortunate that the actions of one or two can
be so detrimental to the successful synergy at SNF.  I would appreciate it
if the perpetrator returns the case.  I would also greatly appreciate a
written explanation of how you could justify your action because, quite
honestly, I just cannot comprehend it.

Julie Ngau

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