Sharps Box

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu May 24 10:45:36 PDT 2001

Just a reminder --

Please do not put any "sharps" into the lab trash containers.  "Sharps"
includes wafers and glassware (broken or intact), razor and exacto-knife
blades, and anything else that might shatter or cut.  Please be
considerate of our janitorial staff, who should not have to risk life
and limb (or at least fingers) in emptying our trash containers (or
labmembers like me, who invariably end up fishing through the trash for
the cleanroom wipe on which we've scrawled our data.)

Sharps should be placed in the blue & white labeled Fisher cardboard
box, located next to the flammables cabinet in the semiclean area behind
the furnaces.  When the box is full, notify Staff (the box will then be
taped shut and dumped intact into the garbage dumpster.)


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
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