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micah yairi yairi at
Thu May 31 17:27:30 PDT 2001

Title:   	An Optically Controlled Optroelectronic Switch:
	    	     From Theory to 50 GHz Burst-Logic Demonstration

Who:		Micah Yairi    (Advisor Prof. David A.B. Miller)

Where/When:	4:15pm, Monday, June 4th
		Applied Physics, Rm. 200 (main auditorium)
		(refreshments served at 4:00pm)


For high-speed communication, it is essential to multiplex, demultiplex,
and switch individual data bits at very rapid rates.  Similarly, in WDM
systems the ability to change wavelengths dramatically increases the
potential connectivity of such systems.  We have been working on an
optically controlled optical gate that is capable of both high speed
optical gating and wavelength conversion.

We present three generations of optically controlled quantum well optical
gates.  The recovery of these devices is based on diffusive conduction, a
novel optoelectronic behavior that enables fast gating.  Our multi-layered
device exhibits a 7 ps FWHM switching time that requires a switching
energy of only 40 fJ/mm2.  This device has also demonstrated burst-logic
operation at 50 GHz.  These optically controlled optical gates are
low-power, scalable in 2D arrays, and integrable with silicon circuitry,
offering intriguing possibilities for real-world applications.

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