DI Water outage ... Friday evening update.

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Nov 2 21:11:04 PST 2001

SNF Labmembers and CISX Lab Occupants:

There appears to be a significant DI water leak or water flow condition that
has drained the DI system to the point that the pumps shutoff to protect
themselves.  Thus far, however, we have been unable to find a leak in the
system or a sink that was left on that can be viewed as the source of the

At the moment, the pumps that circulate the water through CIS-X and through
SNF are both off.  It is our belief, based on water loss rates with either set
of pumps turned on, that the leak appears to be in the CIS-X half of the
loop.  This conclusion is by no means definitive, but it is the best that we
can determine at this point.

As of 9 p.m. there is no DI water in either CIS-X or SNF.  The Reverse Osmosis
system is working as fast as it can to refill the tank.   Once the tank is
partially refilled, the SNF pumps may be able to be turned on for very limited
use ... however, if the usage is sufficiently great that the tank does not
continue to fill, the entire system will be shut off until we have substantial

At this point, I believe that there will not be useable levels of water until
at least midnight.  To avoid processing frustration, I would recommend not
counting on DI water until Saturday morning.

As soon as we have any further information related to DI water in either half
of the building, we will let you know ...


John Shott, Jim Haydon, and Eric P.

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