DI water update: SNF operational, CIS-X still off-line

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Sat Nov 3 10:04:43 PST 2001

SNF Labmembers and CIS-X lab occupants:

Last night Jim Haydon and Eric Perozziello made some measurements that seem to
confirm the the leak in the DI water system is in the CIS-X half of the
system, that it results in DI water ending up in the acid waste neutralization
system, and that it results in a major loss of water: likely 20-25 GPM!

Last night, they left the CIS-X recirculating pumps off and the SNF pumps on. 
As of this morning, the storage tank has recovered to slightly more than 50%
of full capacity.  This is further confirmation that the leak in in the CIS-X
half of the building because the storage tank level falls continuously ONLY
when the CIS-X pumps are on (despite the Reverse Osmosis sytem refilling the
system at approximately 12 GPM).

Accordingly the SNF lab should be fully operational today.  Please, however,
do not waste water.

CIS-X labs will not have DI water until further notice.  When there are
sufficient people to checkout all possible sources, the pumps can be turned on
for a short time in order to find the leak.  (One would think that a 20-25 GPM
loss of water should be easy to find ... anyone with better local knowledge of
the DI water system in CIS-X is welcome to help find the problem area.)
However, it cannot be left on continuously until the water loss is found ...
at the present rate of loss, the current amount of stored water would be
depleted in about 8 hours.

Thanks for your cooperation,


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