Releasing dummy wafer after STS etching

Jae Hoon Sim jhsim at
Mon Nov 19 20:36:59 PST 2001

Dear labmembers,

I fabricate membrane using STS etching. I etched holes almost completely
through, just remianing membrane of 0.6 micron thickness.
I usually attached dummy wafer to my device wafer because I etched holes
almost completely through . I think that releasing dummy wafer after STS
etching, causes significant damage on membrane.

Does anyone know how to detach the dummy wafer without damage on membrane?
Or does anyone know the way to do STS etching without dummy wafer?  When STS
etching is done without dummy wafer, my membrane is too thin to sustain the
big pressure difference between the bottom and the top side of wafer during
STS etching.


Jae Hoon Sim

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