Updated version of Coral released ....

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Nov 30 08:16:34 PST 2001

SNF Lab Members:

We have released a new version of Coral today ... including a new version of
the Remote Client.  This means that you should see that Java Web Start will
download a new version of the client when you fire it up.

While many of the changes are "under the covers", we believe that they will
result in more reliable, more robust operation of Coral.

In particular, there is better monitoring and clean up of "dead" clients as
well as monitoring of server status (including automatic restart if they
die).  Prior to now, if the servers had to be restarted, it left a bunch of
visible but non-responsive clients.  These should now be cleaned up and avoid
these situations where the client doesn't respond.

Additionally, to try to keep overall system load under control, each lab
member may only run one "in-lab" client at a time ... if you start more than
one, then the previous one will be killed.  (Of course, if you do what you
should be doing and have a card key that you take from SunRay to SunRay, then
you only do have one coral client that follows you around).

As a reminder, however, you should ALWAYS have a coral session running while
you are in the lab.  Why? It is one of the ways that we can determine who is
in the lab at any particular time ... in the event of an emergency, that can
be important in helping to determine if anyone is missing.  Also, people who
login, enable a piece of equipment, then logout ... then login again, disable
the equipment, and logout actually use more resources than someone who logs in
when they enter the lab and logs out when they leave the lab.

Thanks for your cooperation ... if you see problems with the new release or
wish to offer comments or suggestions for future improvements to Coral, please
send them to coral at snf.stanford.edu.

Your Coral Development Team

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