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John Shott shott at
Mon Sep 24 08:31:44 PDT 2001

SNF Lab Members:

We are coming up on our annual review of the NNUN program at NSF and we need
your help.  In particular, we need a summary transparency from each of you
describing your progress and exciting recent results.  I've attached a
PowerPoint file that should make it easy for you to provide us with the
information that we need.  You should provide us with the title of your
project, a few bullet points highlighting your project and what you have
achieved, one or two good pictures, and appropriate information related to the
people who did the work, their affiliation, etc.  One foil, that's all we ask!
If you had sent us one of these in May and would rather update what you
submitted then, you may get it from Lourdes Ventura
(lventura at

We need everyone's compliance in this activity.  Why? This is one of the
things that helps convince NSF that a lot of good research and development is
being done as a result of their investment in the NNUN in general and in SNF
specifically.  If they don't see strong results, they are less likely to
continue to support us.  If that happens, the cost to academic users of
working in this facility will jump dramatically and the ability of
non-Stanford people to utilize this facility at all will be in great jeopardy.

I need your submissions no later than Monday, October 8.  Please send them to
Lourdes Ventura (lventura at  If you have been working in the
lab only a short time (say, less than 3 months), you may be excluded from this
reporting requirement ... but you need to send Lourdes an e-mail message
indicating that you do not yet have results to report.

This is important to us and ALL lab members are required to report their
results!  People not replying to this request will notice that their Coral
accounts have been closed starting on October 15.  If your Coral access gets
turned off for failure to contribute a report, it will likely take us quite a
while to turn it back on as we will be quite busy preparing for the annual

Thanks for your assistance and cooperation,

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