Graphite and Silicon Carbide Materials Talk

Chris Kenney kenney at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Tue Dec 3 12:55:17 PST 2002

Thursday 2:00 PM,  December 5, 2002
Stanford CISX Auditorium

Graphite and Silicon Carbide Materials:
Properties, Characteristics and Semiconductor Industry

Don Bray and Rex Sheppard
POCO Specialty Materials

Both graphite and silicon carbide are used in the
semiconductor industry for critical chamber/process
applications.  This presentation will provide an overview
of the properties and characteristics of graphite and
silicon carbide materials. Physical, mechanical,
electrical, thermal and chemical properties of the
materials will be presented along with information on their
manufacture.  Semiconductor technology applications for
graphite and silicon carbide will also be offered, focusing
on Etch, Ion Implant, CVD Diffusion and Metallization
process areas.

POCO materials have been instrumental in the evolution of
semiconductor-related technologies.  POCO has been a
manufacturer of quality graphites for over 35 years and a
supplier to the semiconductor industry for more than 25
years.  POCO further expanded material capability by
acquiring the technology to convert graphite into silicon
carbide and is the only manufacturer using this graphite-
SiC conversion production method.  Other POCO areas of
expertise include the ability to enhance and modify
materials through purification, impregnation, infiltration
and coating.  POCO's research & development facilities and
material labs provide innovative material solutions to meet
the demands of advancing technology.


Don Bray  - Don Bray is General Manager, Technology and
Development at POCO.  In this role he is responsible for
all research and product development activities,
particularly new materials and applications.  Mr. Bray
received a co-masters in Ceramic Engineering and Metallurgy
in 1981 from Iowa State University, Ames Iowa were he
previously obtained a B.S in Ceramic Engineering.  Prior to
POCO he held various positions at Advanced Refractory
Technologies (ART) in Buffalo, NY where his primary
activities were focused on ceramic and metal composites and
diamond coatings.  He also worked at Alcoa Research Labs in
Alcoa Center, PA.  Mr. Bray has been a member of the
American Ceramic Society since 1976 and was named a Fellow
in 2000.  In 1986 he was an Invited Speaker at the St.
Louis Section meeting on Refactories and Chair of
Engineering Ceramics Division in 1998.  He is a Member,
Presidents Industrial Advisory Council (PIAC) for the
American Ceramic Society.  Mr. Bray is also a member ASM,
SAE, Sigma Xi, NICE, Keramos and a Past Member Board of
Directors, Ceramic Association of New York.  Mr. Bray has 8
patents, numerous publications and presentations, edited
one book on Engineering Ceramics.

Rex Sheppard - Rex Sheppard is Manager, Graphite Research &
Development at POCO.  In this role he is responsible for
all research and development activities relate to Graphite.
Dr. Sheppard received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in
1980 from North Texas State University, Denton, Texas and a
B.S. in Chemistry in 1972 from Southwestern State College,
Weatherford, Oklahoma.  In addition he holds a MBA from the
University of North Texas, Denton Texas.  Dr. Sheppard
joined POCO in 1983.  Previously he was a Development
Chemist from 1980 - 1982 at Celanese Chemicals Corporation.
>From 1972 - 1974 he taught High School chemistry, Physics &
Mathematics and assisted in Development of Nations Playoff
System for High School Athletics Mombasa Baptist High
School, Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa.  He is a member of the
American Chemical Society for 28 years (1974), Alpha Chi
Sigma for 27 years (1975) and the American Carbon Society
for 16 years (1985).

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