SOI wafer vendor

Dae-han Choi maxy at
Thu Dec 12 10:40:25 PST 2002

Dear members,

I'm trying to buy 4~5 SOI wafers with the following specs.
But some vendors have a minimum number of wafers to order, such as 10.
Does anyone know a good vendor I can contact?

Specs of SOI wafers I'm looking for are .....

Diameter: 4"
Device layer: 80 microns
Thermal Oxide: 1~1.5 microns
Si under Thermal Oxide: 500 microns
orientation: <100>
Dopant: either N or P type, resistivity ~10 ohm-cm

Thank you in advance for any advice.



Dae-han Choi
Ph.D. Candidate
Materials Science and Engineering
Stanford University
Phone : +1-650-736-2141

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