Furnace area disruption 2/7/02

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Feb 5 16:49:11 PST 2002

The Tylan bank 1 furnace will be moved to bank 5 location on Thursday,
2/7/02, between 0900 and 1100. During the move the follow areas will
disrupted (moving crew, equipment dollies, fab shelves moved, etc.):

Aisle L114, bank 1 and 2 area.

Main cross aisle from bank 1, through the epi reactor/ion implant area,
to bank 5 .

Aisle L118, from the chemical passthru to bank 5 & 6.

The actual move should take less than 30 minutes. In general, only the
area immediately around the moving furnace will be affected.

Furnace gas supplies will not be interrupted. 

Thank you for your patience,


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