Seminar Wed 11am on Atomistic Modeling of FET's (fwd)

Peter Griffin griffin at plumb.Stanford.EDU
Wed Feb 13 09:31:33 PST 2002

    WEDNESDAY 13 FEB  --- 11 am --- CISX-338

3-D Atomistic Modeling for Deep Submicron Device Fabrication

                Dr. Martin Jariz

The complexity attained by current microelectronics processing
technologies can hardly be handled with simulator based on the continuum
approach. Over the last few years, atomistic Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC)
has proven to be an effective way to tackle the many concurrent
mechanisms that have to be taken into account as device dimensions
shrink into the deep submicron regime. We will describe how we model
point defect diffusion and extended defects in silicon within this
approach (DADOS KMC simulator) and present some examples, including the
simulation of a device with the new DADOS version recently implemented
in the Taurus 3D Process Simulator.

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