Litho stuff

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Tue Jan 22 09:33:47 PST 2002

Hello all,

The YES oven is installed and we have been running it for a while and
few lab members have been using it too. I am hoping to have some result
by end of this week regarding the comparison between Yes oven and the
prime on the SVG track.
If you are using the YES oven you do not need to singe your samples the
first 20 minutes of the YES oven will take care of that for you. If you
use the YES oven wafers( silicon) can sit for 3 days before spin. I need
to gather more data on the glass wafers. come by and ask for a training
from Uli, Mike and I and we will be more than happy to show you the
system, it will take few minutes.

All the experienced user on the SVG track, there has been many changes,
make sure to come by and get the refresher on the changes, it only takes
a few minutes. Specially draining the chemical and all of that is part
of the users responsibility and is as easy as pressing a button.

Sadly to say the Prime hot plate on the SVG track2 is already smeared
with resist.
No double side wafers can go on any of the hot plate, it is damaging to
the vacuum holes on the hot plate.


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