Recruiting Event For Fab in Edmonton

Mohammed H. Badi mbadi at
Wed Oct 2 22:42:37 PDT 2002

Hey all,

    A brand new fabrication facility is being built in Edmonton,
Alberta, and they need people to work there!  Better yet, they'll be
coming to CIS on Thursday, October 17, 2002 at 6pm to meet with YOU.
There will be an information session in the CIS courtyard to discuss
the opportunities available.
    Briefly, Canada's National Institute For Nanotechnology (NINT) is based
out of the Univesity of Alberta and is funded by Canada's National Research
Council (NRC), Alberta Innovation and Science, and the University of Alberta.
The NINT people are planning on hiring over 700 people in the next five years
and are interested in meeting students and professionals in a number of

   Dinner will be provided (yes, that gets its own paragraph).

   Check out the Stanford Canadian Club website for more information

   If you have any questions, please direct them to David Antoniuk
(david.antoniuk at or 780.427.6618).

Mohammed Badi
mbadi at snf

Mohammed H. Badi

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