Labmember Survey!

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Oct 3 08:54:32 PDT 2002

Greetings Labmembers --

As the less-than-competent webmaster, I have neglected a few key facts
and now want to clarify a couple of points about the electronic versions
of the Labmember Survey....

If you have Adobe Reader (the freebie plugin), you can't save the PDF
file, but you can view, fill-in and print it.  So, please provide us
with a hard copy (which you can hand in or fax to (650)725-6278).  If
you are lucky enough to have Adobe Acrobat (the software you have to pay
for, well, generally), then you can view, fill-in, save, and then email
back the completed PDF as an attachment.  However, I think you have to
do this within Adobe Acrobat, itself -- if you do this through your
browser, chances are it won't actually save your entries (although
you'll think it has) and you'll be sending us a blank form.

If you'd rather not hassle with PDF at all, the text file is also
available on the SNF website.  Just cut and paste into your favorite
email editor and go!

By the way, MANY thanks to those of you who have already turned in
surveys (you probably have already done your taxes too) -- your support
in assembling our annual report to NSF is greatly appreciated!  For
those of you who haven't -- please, please keep them coming in -- we're
getting lots, but are nowhere yet near the 75% required by NSF!



Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
National Nanofabrication Users' Network
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