Road work on east side of CIS building

Dick Crane rcrane at
Wed Oct 23 12:28:51 PDT 2002

Please see attached work announcement from John Mendoza concerning the
walkway between Via Palou Mall and the Packard building on the east side
of CIS building. Work will commence approximately 10/28 and go through
12/6. Except for the bike rack issue, there is minimal impact on CIS and
the fab.


Subject: Impending building project

A site improvement project on the west side of Packard EE will commence
sometime next week. The work will consist of the removal of the entire
asphalt walkway next to Packard extending from Serra Mall to Via Pueblo,

across from the CIS building, with new pavers to be laid down in it's
place. Also, new landscaping will be installed.

During this time, the bike racks which are located next to the Packard
Grove will in inaccessible. If you currently use these racks, please
make arrangements to park elsewhere for the duration of the project,
which will be approximately 6 weeks.

Loud construction and construction causing large amounts of vibration
(mostly demolition) will be done after hours during the week and on

During construction, at times access to the Packard west entrance (CIS
side) will not be available. Only pedestrian traffic will be allowed
when the west entrance is open.
Handicapped and wheelchair access will be limited to the entrance on the

main plaza on the east side of Packard.

Further information will be sent out when a confirmed start date is
established. Please contact me in regards to any concerns that you may

John Mendoza
Packard Facilities Manager

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