KOH etching.

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Xylenes, Toluene, and mineral spirits work as solvents.  I have used Toluene 
and Xylenes with success.  I believe Xylenes is stocked in the SNF lab.


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I believe black wax will hold up to KOH. Here is a note from Mike Young
young at purdue.edu Purdue University ECE Dept.

"        We use Apiezon W, a black wax stick that softens around 100 C
and dissolves in most chlorinated solvents (TCE, TCA, DCA, etc.) It can
be mixed with a tiny bit of solvent to make a "goop" for applying to
the sample. When allowed to dry, it behaves like a nice thick coating of

resist, in terms of its resistance to wet etchants.

         Most US lab supply places can get it. If I recall, a place
Biddle is the "official" US distributor"

Physics stores carries black wax. It has been around for ever. I used it
in my 1st device
processing in 1966. As for a sovent, we do not allow TCA or TCE. in the
SNF lab except what is used during high temperature cleaning. I was
recently told that Physics stores also carries a safe sovent.

     Jim McVittie

It so
Harshal Surangalikar wrote:

 > hello labmembers,
 > i wanted to know if anybody has worked with a common
 > plumber's grease kind of a material to mask a Si wafer
 > to do single side etching in KOH, as i was interested
 > by its chemically inert and temperature resistant
 > (180C) properties. Although i will be using a fixture
 > to do so, i just wanted to find out if there is an
 > easy way to mask a side and have the etching done on
 > the other.
 > any feedback on use of black wax would also be
 > helpful.
 > thank  you.
 > harshal.
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