Carbon Black Deposition

Anthony Flannery flannery at
Thu Sep 12 16:53:18 PDT 2002


Mark Capelli over in the Mechanical Engineering department had developed a process for depositing
diamond-like carbon. He may already have a set of process parameters that give you a rough carbon deposit
that will have the optical properties you need.  He's been willing to work with people in the past for
given projects.

Just as a sideline - there are lots of papers on electroplating of Pt black. It would most likely have
greater broadband absorbance than carbon black.  Carbon black will probably not absorb well in the IR. If
this is for Telco, you're better off with Pt.

Tony Flannery

Evan Thrush wrote:

> Hello Friendly Labmembers,
> I am interested in finding good materials for optical isolation, black
> polyimides, etc.  Anyway, I have had some problems finding black polyimides
> that I like and someone recommended that I use Carbon black.  I guess you
> deposit carbon black with some method, such as sputtering, onto a lift off
> mask?  Anyway, I don't know much about this process.  Does anyone know of
> carbon black deposition techniques that are readily available around the
> lab or nearby Stanford.  How do you pattern this stuff?
> Thanks for your help!,
> Evan
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