SPECIAL SEMINAR - Philips' Sigma Delta Group

Ann Guerra guerra at par.stanford.edu
Fri Sep 27 10:37:12 PDT 2002


"Sigma Delta Modulation with Application in Super Audio CD"

	   Derk Reefman and Erwin E. Janssen
		Philips Sigma Delta Group
		Eindhoven, The Netherlands

		Wednesday, October 2, 2002
			10:00 a.m.
		  CIS-101 Linvill Room


Super Audio CD is a new audio carrier, aimed at being the successor to CD,
which uses `Direct Stream Digital' (DSD) as audio format. DSD is
essentially a 1-bit bit stream, and, hence, Sigma Delta Modulation (SDM)
is a critically important  technique for Super Audio CD. In this
presentation, some issues will be discussed which are important for
applications of SDM in high end audio applications. Also, various design
methods for SDMs will be discussed, including some recent developments
which are aimed at improving the audio performance of a SDM. Also, a model
will be discussed which explains some of the non-linear behaviour of 1-bit
SDMs, such as idle tone behaviour and distortion.

If time permits, and if there is interest, the general concept of Super
Audio CD can also be discussed.

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