Etching mask for TMAH

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Hi, Mr. Kim

I don't know if there's any wax, or polymer, withstanding 
the base. In my experience, most of them didn't. Both oxide 
and nitride work great, as you may know, except that a 
long-time etch leaves some unwanted hillocks behind. 
Some metals - like Au - are known to work also. But I don't 
have much experience in this domain. 

If making a mask hinders you from working on Si-materials, 
you may use so called "soft lithography" with transparency 
films, a laser printer and an old-fashioned contact printer 
which doesn't care too much about the size and dimension of 
the substrate. 


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Dear lab members.

These days, I'm trying to etch a small piece of Si (dia. 3mm) from the
backside using TMAH at my lab w/o patterning.
I want to make a small hole in the center to make TEM sample, however, it is
hard to find a suitable mask (like wax type) to cover unwanted area.
I tried several waxes but all are easily soluble in TMAH. It should be
easily removed after Si etching.
I would appreciate if anybody can let me know possible material.
Thanks a lot.

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