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Fri Apr 18 10:57:40 PDT 2003


I had good step coverage results with Al using a heavy DC bias sputter
deposition at Lance Goddard. If you mention me he will remember what he did.
They have to reconfigure a machine to do the dep so the turnaround can take
a week to 10 days based on their current work flow. In order to prevent
surface damage, I had him hold the DC bias until the first 50 nm had been

Good luck
Tony Flannery

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I am having step coverage issues for my metal deposition (Al-Si) over
contact openings 0.4um width and height.(vertical side-walls). Resulting in
open contacts.

Does anyone know of an outside source that can do some CVD type of metal
deposition on 4inch wafers(Ex. Ti, TiW, or W)?

Any suggestions on how I could resolve this problem, either with SNF
equipment or outside vendor?

I will verymuch appreciate your help/suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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