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Other options:

1) Going with a low pressure deposition with high power may at least
   get you a decent contact for your geometry (1.8-2.0 mTorr).  Keep
   the power high.
2) Al reflow during dep above 400C.  Ti wetting layer helps.
3) Bias sputtering at Seaway Semiconductor in Livermore (
   or UHV Sputtering in San Jose.
4) If you want to go the CVD route, Seaway can again help.  Go with
   a sputtered TiN or Ti/TiN liner followed by CVD W deposition.

Good luck,

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> Rajesh,
> I had good step coverage results with Al using a heavy DC bias sputter
> deposition at Lance Goddard. If you mention me he will remember what he did.
> They have to reconfigure a machine to do the dep so the turnaround can take
> a week to 10 days based on their current work flow. In order to prevent
> surface damage, I had him hold the DC bias until the first 50 nm had been
> deposited.
> Good luck
> Tony Flannery
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> Hello
> I am having step coverage issues for my metal deposition (Al-Si) over
> contact openings 0.4um width and height.(vertical side-walls). Resulting in
> open contacts.
> Does anyone know of an outside source that can do some CVD type of metal
> deposition on 4inch wafers(Ex. Ti, TiW, or W)?
> Any suggestions on how I could resolve this problem, either with SNF
> equipment or outside vendor?
> I will verymuch appreciate your help/suggestions. Thanks in advance.
> Rajesh

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