SOI thickness measurement by Nanospec?

Dan Grupp grupp at snowmass.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 11 17:39:19 PDT 2003

prog 44 or 45 on ellispometer measure SOI (check the page in the manual
with all the calculating routines, to see which parameters you want it to
calc, and which you want to enter.)

you tried prog 52 on nanospec in litho? written by Dan Connelly (i.e.,
good stuff) in the '90's. check the graph to see if the data matches
the fit at all (if you haven't done this, push the "graph", then the keys
"1" "2" "3" to clear it a nd replot your new data - the graph that comes
when you first push graph  is *old* data, not yours!).

Destructive techniques: a)cleave, wet etch 6:1 1 min, then SEM. So thick
ez to see.
b)FIB cross-section only destroys a few square microns.

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Hatice Altug wrote:

> Hi all,
> I wonder if anybody currently using nanospec (or ellipsometer if possible)
> to measure thin silicon thickness on SOI wafer.
> My SOI wafer has 1um oxide and silicon with thickness ranging from
> 300nm-1500nm. I have used three programs written by labmembers but it could
> not measure my chips.
> Could you reply me if you know how to measure it?
> thank you,
> -hatice

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