SOI thickness measurement by Nanospec?

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Tue Aug 12 15:42:09 PDT 2003


Program 253 on the Nanospec 210XP allows you to create special programs for
dual films. To do this you will need a number of parameters to model the index
and extinction coefficients over the wavelength range for the two films.
Nanospec uses Cauchy models for both index and adsorption. For the top film,
which is Si in this case, you need 2 parameters the index and 3 for the
extinction coefficient.  For the second film, which is oxide and has no losses,
we only need 2 parameters. I have the parameters for poly-Si and oxide. Silicon
is a little different than poly, so we really should be using slightly
different parameters. I do not have them but they should be easily available. I
will see if I can get them.

    Jim McVittie

Hatice Altug wrote:

> Hi all,
> I wonder if anybody currently using nanospec (or ellipsometer if possible)
> to measure thin silicon thickness on SOI wafer.
> My SOI wafer has 1um oxide and silicon with thickness ranging from
> 300nm-1500nm. I have used three programs written by labmembers but it could
> not measure my chips.
> Could you reply me if you know how to measure it?
> thank you,
> -hatice
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