Netscape and Star Office

John Shott shott at
Sun Aug 24 10:52:44 PDT 2003

SNF Labmembers:

You will notice a slight change on your desktop ... the Netscape icon will no 
longer show up in the upper left corner of your desktop.  However, you can 
still easily start the Netscape web browser by clicking (once, not twice) the 
blue and green "earth" icon with the red clock hands that appears on the left 
of your task bar.

Also, if you click the blue and white Star at the far left of the task bar, 
this will allow you to install Star Office that is a open source version of MS 
Office that will allow you to open, edit, and write MS Office compatible 
*.doc, *.xls, and *.ppt files.  When you go through the installation process, 
this will give you the choice as some point of doing a WorkStation 
installation that only consumed 0.6 MB of space or a "Local Installation" that 
consumes nearly 320 MB of space.  Please be careful to select the WorkStation 
installation option.

Thanks for your continued support,


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