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Neville Mehenti nmehenti at
Wed Aug 27 12:25:16 PDT 2003

So I got some responses from my shadow mask inquiry, and I thought I'd just 
send out some useful information about it.
After contacting a few vendors about their shadow mask services, there seem 
to be two that are promising:

1.  Photo Etch Technology ( 978-805-5050
They make their shadow masks in stainless steel, and the masks are 2-25 mil 
thick (50-625 microns).  They define their features either through chemical 
etching (if feature is >4 mil), or laser cutting.  As for data preparation, 
most drawing formats are accepted, and if you have a simple geometry or 
array, a hand drawing with dimensions is acceptable as well.  A 15x15 inch 
steel patterned sheet can cost in the ballpark of $250 if it is chemically 
etched.  (Yes, so you can get about 16 masks from this one sheet).

2.  Photo Sciences 408-748-7673
This company charges a bit more, but can do a better job if you need 
smaller features.  For features over 5 mil, they use stainless steel.  But 
for smaller features (a few microns), they can make fine edges by using a 
bimetal Ni/Be-Cu mask, but the structural integrity of the mask then 
becomes a concern.  They take all drawing formats, but may charge for data 
conversion.  A 4x4 inch mask made in stainless steel can cost about $500.
Roger Horstman is the guy to talk to at this company, he is very helpful.

Hope this helps those who were interested,

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