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NATEA-SV Annual Meeting and MEMS/Nano Forum

Dear lab members:

On behalf of NATEA, I would like to extend an invitation to you to the annual meeting of NATEA-SV on Sunday, 12/14 from 2:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Ming's restaurant of Palo Alto.

The afternoon technical forum is themed:  Frontier of MEMS and Nanotechnology.  We are proud to invite three prominent speakers to share their precious knowledge in RF MEMS, MEMS packaging, InJet Nanotechnology and 3-D MEMS. The fee for the  afternoon session is free for public if pre-registered.  On-site registration fee will be $5.00. 

The Keynotes speaker is Honorable Deputy Representative Of Taiwan( TECRO), Michael Ming-Shian Tsai.  We will also invite many local dignitaries and community leaders to join the celebration for the accomplishment of NATEA- 2003.  Students from Stanford, UCB and San Jose State are also invited to come meeting the community.

The dinner program is $25 each for general public and $5.00 only for students and postdocs.  All events will be conducted in English.

Please register on line at http://www.natea.org/event_reg/am2003.php  If you are interested in attending the event.

I am looking forward to meeting you there!!


 Eaden Saw, Ph.D.
President, NATEA-SV
(408) 464-2898
NATEA-Silicon Valley Chapter Annual Meeting 


Date: Sunday, December 14th, 2003 2:30 pm to 10:00 pm          

Where: Ming¡¯s  Restaurant,  1700 Embarcadero Rd. Palo Alto
Fee:  Technical Forum: $5 on-site, Free pre-registered

Dinner:  $30 on-site, $25 pre-registered

Registration:  www.natea.org or call 510-656-1002


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm: Registration and Networking        

3:00 pm to 5:30 pm: Technical Forum


Frontier of MEMS and Nanotechnology

 RF MEMS and MEMS packaging

Michael Cohn, CEO, MicroAssembly

 Nano-particles in Ink-jet Printing Technologies and Their Applications

Bob Lin, President, IJP Solutions 

3D, Direct-Write, Glass-Ceramic Micro-Manufacturing

Rick Casler, VP Business Development, Invenios, Inc.


5:30 pm to 6:15 pm:  Registration and Networking  

6:15 pm-10:00 pm: Dinner Program

Board Election, President Transition, Prize Drawing and more


Keynote Speakers:

Deputy Representative Dr. Michael Ming-Shian Tsai 
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States 


Dr. Tsai is the number two top Taiwanese official in US.  Prior to this position, Dr. Tsai has been in the following positions in Taiwan.

  1.. Legislator (02.1996-01.2002). Chairman and Member of National Defense Committee of Legislative Yuan.(1996-2002) 
  2.. Chairman on Defense Affairs and Policy Research Committee, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). 
  3.. Advisor of Defense Organization, Research and Planning Committee, Dept. of Defense. 
  4.. Chairman, Tai-yuan Cultural and Educational Foundation. 
  5.. Professor of law, National Taichung College of Polytechnology. 
  6.. Publisher of Journal of Taiwan Defense Affairs. 
Dr. Tsai received L.L.B, National Taiwan University, 1963.; M.B.A, University Wisconsin, 1972; and  J.D., California Western School of Law, 1989. 

Technical Forum Speakers:¯  Bio:


RF MEMS and MEMS packaging

Michael Cohn, CEO, MicroAssembly


Michael Cohn obtained the Ph.D. in EECS in 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley. He performed his thesis research at the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, in the area of MEMS packaging. Since 1998, he has served as CEO of MicroAssembly Technologies. His primary interests include micro-packaging and batch assembly techniques, with an emphasis on RF microsystems.



Nano-particles in Ink-jet Printing Technologies and Their Applications

Bob Lin, President, IJP Solutions


An-Chung Robert (Bob) Lin, Ph.D. has been the president of IJP Solutions since its inception in 2002. He was a member of the Technical Staff and Project Leader in HP-Labs of Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company. While at HP, Bob was in charge of developing ink-jet inks and other areas related to the printing technology.  


Bob has authored numerous technical papers and is the holder of 33 US patents (more than 100 international).  Bob was an invited speaker in numerous conferences/meetings such as Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)-Industrial Technology Research Institute, DIPC (Digital Image Printing Conference), Digital Image Printing Technologies in Multimedia Symposium, Bis Strategic Decision of Ink Jet Printing Technologies Conference etc.


3D, Direct-Write, Glass-Ceramic Micro-Manufacturing

Rick Casler, VP Business Development, Invenios, Inc.


Rick Casler is a mechanical engineer (BS/MSME MIT) with over fifteen years as an engineering executive driving innovations in the industrial robot, robot guidance, and motion control arenas.  Rick¡¯s product development teams at Unimation/Westinghouse, Genesis Automation, and Adept Technology have developed and commercialized disruptive mechanical, drive, and controls technologies that have led to major advances in the throughput, precision and footprint of flexible robotic components and assembly systems.  Over the past twenty years, Rick has focused his efforts on the development and commercialization of systems on an ever-decreasing scale.  Rick now serves as the Vice President of Business Development at Invenios Inc. where he is pursuing his passion-leading commercialization of a disruptive 3-D MEMS process that soon will be applied to the creation of robots, built on the micron scale, for use in advanced nanofabrication and assembly applications. 


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