Annual Lab Cleanup!

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Dec 17 07:48:54 PST 2003

Hey folks --

Just another reminder of the annual lab cleanup, which will commence on
on Friday, Dec. 19.

1.  Any items found outside a personal storage lab bin will be removed
from the lab.  This includes wafer boxes on WIP shelves (or anywhere
else outside a lab bin.)

2.  Bunnysuits will be laundered.  Any personal items attached to
hangers or suits will be removed.

Removed items will be placed in a temporary holding area.  Any unclaimed
items may be discarded or donated to the "community chest" (the winning
"donation" last year was a brand new box of AFM tips, with honorable
mentions to several boxes of prime wafers, including one complete box of
double-polished wafers and half-box of sapphire...  Though the
"donations" are much appreciated, I think we'd all much prefer the
capital equipment sort...)

3.  Emails were sent out (in Nov. and Dec.) to individuals who have kept
lab bins, but have not been in the lab for several months.  If you
haven't gotten back to me, the contents of your lab bin may be subject
to removal during cleanup, as needed to accomodate new bin requests.

4.  If you requested and are waiting for a new lab bin, you should
receive a bin assignment soon, or the first week in Jan at the latest.

Happy holidays!


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
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