Thefts and building security ...

John Shott shott at
Thu Feb 20 11:52:32 PST 2003

SNF Lab Members and Building Occupants:

Bob Wheeler just sent out the following message warning of a number of recent
thefts in
nearby buildings ...

>Dear Department Managers,

>Recently, there have been a number of thefts of computers and
>research equipment from Green Earth Science and the HEPL buildings. 
>Please advise your staffs to be observant of unfamiliar individuals 
>in their areas.  People should call 9-911 to report any suspicious 
>individuals or activities.

... the timing of this is particularly disturbing as I discovered on Monday
morning that 3
of the exit doors to CIS/CIS-X had been propped open by chairs or newspapers. 
My best guess is that these doors had been propped open some time on Sunday
and were open all Sunday night ... making for exceedingly easy pickings for
anyone with less-than-honorable intentions.

Let me remind you of a few things:

1. We've got a huge number of expensive and valuable items in this building
... and in many cases the only thing preventing unencumbered access to them is
our locked exit doors.

2. There is NO legitimate reason for propping doors open when they should be
locked.  If there is a special event, we can make arrangements to unlock the
doors during a specific time window ... which will insure that they are locked
after that event.  If you are meeting someone who does not have door access
... then meet them, let them in, and make sure that the door is closed.

3. If you see doors propped open, don't assume that someone has a good reason
(see point 2) ... be a good citizen and close them.

4. If you have any knowledge as to the who and when of the doors being propped
open this past Sunday, please contact me.  I'd like to find out who is
responsible so that we can correct this misunderstanding and avoid future

Please be aware of building security ... particularly during nights, weekends,
and holidays ... the computer/cell phone/wallet that you save may be your own!

Thanks for your continued cooperation,


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