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Tue Mar 4 16:43:09 PST 2003

At short notice I have been freed up to offer the course below in the 
spring which may be useful to those who use electron and ion beam tools and 
even of interest to those who don't. The time and place are quite flexible.
Fabian Pease

New Course:  EE392R  "Charged Particle Optics"

Instructor: R. Fabian Pease

To be offered: Spring 2002-3

Pre-requisites:  Undergraduate-level geometrical optics and vector 
calculus, or EE217

Description:  Electron optics of charged particle instruments including the 
transmission electron microscope, the scanning electron microscope and 
related tools, mass and energy spectrometers, electron beam lithography 
tools, focused ion beam systems, electron diffraction, proximal probe tools 
such as the scanning tunneling microscope. Specific topics include sources, 
first order focusing of electrons and ions, third order aberrations, 
space-charge effects and diffraction. At the end of the course the student 
should be able to compute the optical parameters of axially-symmetric 
magnetic and electric lenses and be familiar with the principles of 
operation of the above charged particle systems and the factors limiting 
their performance.

Examinations: One in-class mid-term and a take-home final examination. May 
be taken for letter grade or P/NC

Initial time:  MWF 11-1150

Initial Room: 160-314
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