Those pesky green newts on the Sunrays ...

John Shott shott at
Fri Mar 7 13:25:54 PST 2003

SNF Lab Members:

I'm sure that many of you have noticed that our "cardless" Sunrays keep on
showing up with green newts instead of the login window.  While we are working
to resolve that issue, let me remind you how to avoid being inconvenienced by
this situation: USE A SMARTCARD!!!

For reasons that I can't fully explain, sessions running on a smart card are
not experiencing the green newt problem.  Therefore, if you insert a smartcard
into a "green newted" Sunray, you will get a login window and once you have
that session running, it will be immediately available to you whereever you
are in the lab.

You should all ALWAYS use a smartcard for your coral sessions when in the
lab.  Here's why:

1. It actually consumes fewer "Coral resources" to start a Coral session when
you enter the lab and keep it running the entire time you are in the lab than
to start up Coral, enable some equipment, kill Coral ... (time passes) ...
start up Coral, disable the equipment, stop Coral.

2. If you have a smartcard Coral session, you can pull out your smart card,
let someone insert their card to quickly enable/disable/reserve something, and
then resume your activity immediately ... it's the neighborly way to run Coral
in a shared facility.

3. It saves you time ... you don't have to login and wait for Coral to start
each time you need to do something.

4. Finally, although we don't charge for it, we actually track (and report to
NSF) "hours of cleanroom usage".  The only way we can automatically measure
that is by the cumulative time that you have an in-lab Coral session running. 
If you use the login/enable/logout method, you are greatly underestimating the
time that you actually spend in the cleanroom which, in turn,  causes NSF to
underestimate the level of activity in this facility which, in the long run,
makes them less likely to invest additional funds in our operation.

So, we are aware of and working to fix the "green newt" problem ... but, use a
smart card and you won't have to worry!!!

Thank you for your continued support,


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