STS Talk on Their Latest Deep Silicoin Etch Tool

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Mon Mar 10 13:35:41 PST 2003

SNF Lab Members,

After the recent talk by Alcatel, I asked STS if they could give a
similar talk on their latest
deep Si etch tool. The talk will given next Monday, March 17, in CISX
101 at 3 pm. The speaker  will be Richard Barnett of STS Wales
(richard_barnett at All are welcome.   Jim McVittie

Surface Technology Systems High Rate Si Etch M Source.

The STS ASE(superscript: HRM(TM)) is the result of the extensive
development work undertaken to improve the basic Bosch process used on
original ASE(superscript: (TM))-SR tool.  The HRM gives a three-fold
increase of etch rate over the SR as well as numerous other benefits
obtained through the different process chamber architecture and the
process hardware and software improvements which gives the user extra
process flexibility.  This presentation is an introduction to the STS
(superscript: HRM(TM)) system, with a description of the background to
development work, a brief explanation of the tool configuration and
examples of the process results obtained.

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