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Aaron Wheeler awheeler at
Mon Mar 31 08:07:52 PST 2003

Department of Chemistry - University Ph.D. Dissertation Defense


Manipulation and Analysis of Single Cells with Microfluidics

Aaron Wheeler

Advisor: Richard N. Zare

3:15 PM

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Braun Auditorium (Mudd Building)


Analysis of the contents and/or behavior of individual cells is of great
interest because there is much to learn from cell-to-cell heterogeneity.
Microfluidics, with cell-like dimensions (10-100 um) and potential for
highly-integrated, parallel-scale analyses, has been an attractive
technology for this goal; however, the inherent challenges of isolating
individual cells from bulk populations have hindered the development of
microfluidics-based methods. In this talk, several novel strategies for
the isolation of individual cells using microfluidic devices constructed
from both glass and poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) will be presented. The
results of a variety of experiments, including, cell viability assays,
separation and detection of cell contents, and multistep
receptor-mediated calcium flux measurements will also be presented.
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