EE310 Integrated Circuits Seminar, 11/11/03

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Fri Nov 7 09:13:14 PST 2003

EE310 Integrated Circuits Technology and Design Seminar

    "MEMS Rotary Engine Power System"

		Al Pisano
	      U.C. Berkeley

	Tuesday, November 11, 2003
		4:15 p.m.
	 Building 380, Room 380X


In this talk is a project overview and recent research results for the
MEMS Rotary Engine Power System project at the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator
Center of the University of California at Berkeley.  The talk will begin
with the research motivation for the project, which is the extraordinary
high specific energy density of hydrocarbon fuels.  When compared with the
energy density of batteries, hydrocarbon fuels may have as much as 20x
more energy.  However, the technical challenge is the conversion of
hydrocarbon fuel to electricity in an efficient and clean micro engine.
In this project, the Wankel engine, as invented by Professor Wankel of
Germany and made famous by the Japanese automobile manufacturer, Mazda, is
used as the micro engine design.  A 10 mm diameter Wankel engine will be
shown that has already generated 4 Watts of power at 9300 rpm.  The final
portion of the talk will describe the 1 mm and 2.4 mm Wankel engines that
BSAC is developing for power generation at the microscale, with a
projected electrical power output of 90 milliwatts from the 2.4 mm engine.
Prototype engine components have already been fabricated and these will be

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